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Liposuction is a very common, popular procedure, designed for the permanent removal of subcutaneous fat tissue from “areas that do not respond to diet and exercise , weight loss programme”.

  • These areas include the hips ( Saddle Bags), thighs ,abdomen (tummy& Love Handle Liposuction ), knees, ankles, arms ( Bingo Arm Liposuction), face, and neck ( Double Chin Liposuction ), chest ( Gymecomastia Correction).
  • It is also done for body sculpting – Six pack abs ( Abdominal Etching ) , Calf shaping
Who is a candidate for Liposuction Procedure ?

People with:

  • Have localized collections of excess subcutaneous fat that is resistant to diet and exercise.
  • Want to change the contours of their bodies.
  • Are near their ideal weight and desire permanent contour changes.
  • Wants weight loss / Reduction of fat from particular areas
  • Desire permanent improvement in contour abnormalities caused by excess fat.
Intended Result of Liposuction Surgery
  • An enhanced body contour is recognizable almost immediately, and will continue to improve as swelling subsides.
  • Results are permanent, but if you were to gain a large amount of weight you might experience rippling of the skin in the treated areas (depending on your skin’s elasticity).
  • Liposuction is not a treatment for obesity but some weight loss will be there
  • If weight gain occurs following liposuction, some fat might get deposited in areas that have been treated.Same way if one loses some weight after fat removal , the final result of liposuction improves.
Intended Result of Liposuction Surgery
  • Liposuction is a day care procedure but it might need admission in some cases.
  • General Anesthesia is usually used for safety and comfort.
  • The plastic surgeon makes small incisions (less than ¼ inch long) in the areas to be treated, and a Micro Canula (3.0 millimeters in diameter) is inserted into the incision with the Other end attached to a suction machine
  • The liposuction procedure may take an hour or more, depending on how many areas are involved and bulk of fat deposits in the treated area
  • To maintain a margin of safety, there is a limit on how much fat tissue can be removed during liposuction at one time.
Recuperation and Healing after liposuction procedure
  • The same day after liposuction surgery you should be up and walking around
  • The patient usually goes home with a compression garment covering the treated areas. Compression is advised for about a month, since it helps reduce swelling and helps you achieve the final result more quickly.
  • You will be ready to return to office work in three to five days and more active employment in ten to fourteen days.
  • Bruising and swelling usually subside in two or four weeks. The final result takes shape over two or three months.
  • Avoid the sun until all bruising has subsided. A sunscreen should be used routinely; it is easy to get sunburned during recovery because of decreased sensation.
  • A variety of factors can affect the outcome: physical condition, genetic makeup, diet, exercise, smoking, alcohol intake, and skin elasticity.
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Liposuction for Different Body Parts
  • ARM LIPOSUCTION in Ahmedabad
  • TUMMY LIPOSUCTION in Ahmedabad

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Before operation I could not walk properly because of heavy thighs and weight but now I am able to and also there has been spark of energy. I am happy with Treatment satisfaction, Value for money. Doctor is very healpfull .. Cleanliness of hospital abides me . During the treatment I found it much hard to recover but I would say doctor n staff helped it throught. It has been around 2 years but there is no side effects of this operation.

– Ve**i San**i

It very good experience which I taken process. All are good familiar with me at the time of treatment. Even doctor, staff given me good guideline. Onces again I giving thanking to them.

– Ji**y

The result of treatment was highly satisfactory. The hospital setup is also very good with friendly staff.

– Verified Patient

Yes… was friendly & polite……& was explained in detail what I want to know…….fully satisfied.

– So*l S**h