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Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Enlarged male breasts ( Moobs )or puffy nipples are the butt of many jokes, which makes one feel embarrassed and insecure about their body.

  • Men suffering from Gynecomastia, often have lower self-esteem and some will be caught dead without their shirts.
  • Male breast reduction surgery / Gynecomastia surgery may help you get a sculpted chest.
Who is a candidate for Gynecomastia Surgery / Male breast surgery?

People with:

  • Have excessively large breasts – Gynecomastia can range from grade 1 to grade 3 depending upon projection and Ptosis of breast tissue.
  • Have excess or sagging tissue in the chest area after losing a large amount of weight. ( Chest Surgery for weight loss patients differs from routine Gynecomastia surgery as here we need to excise extra skin )

Man who have Puffy Nipples or sometimes Projected nipples also opt for corrective surgery for Gynecomastia

Intended Result
  • Correction of Gynecomastia with a flatter chest with a more masculine contour with a Periareolar scar which is almost invisible.
Gynecomastia Procedure Description
  • A very small Peri-areolar Incision is taken
  • Excess breast gland or fat is removed with liposuction, excision or a combination of both.
  • Excess skin is removed if needed
  • Final stitch is taken inside the skin ( so no need for stitch removal )
  • Gynecomastia procedure is usually done on Day care basis under General Anesthesia but can be done under sedation and Local Anesthesia.
Recuperation and Healing
  • You will go home several hours after Gynecomastia surgery to be cared for by a friend or relative.
  • A compression vest or chest wrapping is usually indicated for a week or two after Gynecomastia surgery to help reduce swelling.
  • Usually drains are not required but if needed small tubes may be placed near the surgery site to drain off excess fluid. These will be removed later.
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